Roosh Williams - Roo Legited 2 Quited

Sometimes Roosh Williams just wants to show off.

Although “ROOSZN” is headed our way shortly with the release of the Houston spitter’s Unorthodox LP later this month, Roosh decided to use today as an opportunity to not only big up the Sauce Twinz, but to flex his lyrical muscle one mo’ gin. “Roo Legited 2 Quited,” the latest freestyle from Williams, has Roo hopping on the irresistible “2 Legited 2 Quited” instrumental.

In a matter of less than two minutes, he calls out those who continue to sleep on him (“y’all motherf*ckers just legally blind!”), those who continue to critique him (“I’m too legited to listen to any motherf*cka that mention my d*ck just to get some attention”), and somehow manages to make Michelle Beadle the ultimate hook punchline (kind of the way he did on Twitter once upon a time).

Roosh Williams’ Unorthodox LP touches down February 25th.