Jessica Williams_Daily Show

Talk about irony.

Mere days have passed since Comedy Central host, film director, and comedian-pundit Jon Stewart informally announced that he would be resigning from his tenure as host of the nightly news and pop-culture show The Daily Show at the end of this year. Of course, people have already begun speculating about who might inherit the keys to the Daily Show kingdom after Stewart. Many of the names that have come up are Daily Show “correspondent” alums, like John Oliver (whose own cable series Last Week Tonight, has been a sleeper hit on HBO and a nice contrast to Bill Maher’s Real Time).

However, another name has also been bubbling beneath the surface as a possible heir to Daily Show’s soon-to-be emptied throne: comedian Jessica Williams. Another consistent presence as a Daily Show correspondent, Williams has been involved in some of the show’s most memorable moments (most recently, her hilarious segment on street harassment). Should Williams be tapped for such a spot, she would not only be a woman amongst a myriad of white male faces hosting late-night pop culture take news, but she’d be a Black woman in this position as well.

Don’t trust Jessica Williams to carry on The Daily Show’s legacy? Well, leave it to Hot Tub Time Machine to make a case for her. The upcoming motion picture comedy, which releases next week, skips ahead to 2025 where, in the future, Jessica Williams actually IS host of The Daily Show. The short clip from the film below may seem eerily prophetic. Not to say that Williams will be on the Daily Show still ten years from now, but I’ll be damned if this doesn’t put points in her favor.