Let’s be honest with ourselves for a moment. Since when have you ever heard Drake talk with a yardie, super heavy Canadian accent? Never, right? Well, everything really does come home for “Jungle,” the new short film from Drizzy where things return back to Toronto thanks to plenty of home videos, Donnie Darko-esque tracking shots and clouds of smoke and mystique.

You probably are going to be upset at the fact there’s a little under 30 seconds of actual new music from Drake in the short film but that’s fine. What’s also a little weird is J. Prince is threatening Diddy on Drake’s behalf over that “6 God” beat fiasco. But does this mean we’re getting a mixtape this weekend? Does it mean Drake’s holding us hostage until Views From The 6 drops? DOES IT EVEN MEAN ANYTHING?

Well, watch the short film and try to figure it all out like we are.