It’s February, and with the Valentine’s Day holiday just days away, you’ve probably been busying yourself coming up with ways to divert attention from all the lovey-dovey in the air. But while V-Day has traditionally been reserved for those wanting to make a big fuss over admiration for their significant others, in recent years, the holiday has evolved into something that even the most bitter and lonelyful (yes, lonelyful) singles can enjoy.

If you, too, have been stressing yourself out seeking a solution for your love hangover, never fear. Day & A Dream’s own Monica Jones has compiled a mini-guide for those in Houston in search of fulfilling Valentine’s Day activities, whether you’re spending 2/14 with your soul mate, soul sistas/wolf pack, or even solo dolo.

push-runawaylove-3Runaway Love – Valentine’s Eve (Friday, February 13th)

Leave it to a crop of Houston’s cultural provocateurs collectively but anonymously known as The Event Producers, to provide the ultimate answer for the Anti-Valentine’s Day individual in “Runaway Love.” The cocktail-attire event (whose proceeds will benefit Houston non-profit Live Beautiful Now) takes place Friday night from 8 PM to midnight at BMW Midtown. It’s sure to keep singles more than a little preoccupied, with what speed dating, a kissing booth, a live date auction, and even a beauty style makeover contest. Tickets can be purchased at

Fifty Shades of Grey Poster

Fifty Shades of Grey – Premieres in Theaters Weekend of February 13-15th

If social gatherings aren’t your vibe, head to the nearest theater with your girls and catch the film adaption of E.L. James’ best-selling novel Fifty Shades of Grey. Showings begin as early as midnight on Valentine’s Day Eve at mostly every theater chain; and the sexually-charged and highly-anticipated film is sure to bring out droves of lusty women looking to live vicariously through Anastacia Steele’s sexual liberation.

Athena Gun Club

All You Can Shoot At Athena Gun Club (10814 Katy Fwy) – February 13th-15th

Seeking an alternative to the crowded restaurant scene that’ll still hit on target with your boo? If so, you might want to bring your mate to Athena Gun Club. The local five-star shooting range is offering a special one-time rental fee this Valentine’s Day weekend that allows couples to try out all firearms (sans full-automatic weaponry). Who needs flowers and chocolate when you can be perfecting your trigger finger with your homie, lover, or friends?

And finally, just because you’re without a cuff and romantically unattached, doesn’t mean that Valentine Day’s has to be a depressing occasion for you. Treat yourself if no one else will and take comfort in the fact that you avoided another moment of potential heartbreak and relationship drama. Surround yourself with positive vibes, good people, and drink specials. Just don’t overindulge so much that you find yourself drunk texting your ex live from Marvin’s Room.