They say that a good classic can’t die, and this appears to be the case when it comes to the slasher legend Michael Myers. We were re-introduced to Myers with the help of director Rob Zombie’s reimagining of the classic killer. Although the second installment of the reboot was a major failure, it did not give viewers the impression that Myers wouldn’t return.

Halloween is returning once again and the film is looking to stay in the same realm that helped the previous franchise valuable. The film has look towards Saw IV-VII writers Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan to create what the film production company is calling a recalibration. THR had this to say about the film:

Sources say it’s not a remake, not a reboot, and not a reimagining. One source said the project is a “recalibration.”

Not sure how the two differ from one another, your guess is as good as mine. It’s challenging to re-imagine this legendary killer with so many key elements that are needed. In order for the “recalibration” to work, the timeline of Myers may need to be told from a different perceptive. It has been unclear and or untold exactly the age that Myers started to kill. Zombie’s film depicted that Myers was born into madness and death. Maybe this time the new franchise could see Myers from a different approach. The writers will need to step out the box for the actions that led to Myers turning into a blood thirsty killer, but what can writers do that hasn’t already been beat to death?

We all know that Myers infatuation with his sister has made for an excellent story between siblings. Perhaps this time Myers story could be told as an adult that has lost way. His upbringing from foster care plays an essential part of the lifestyle that he has before becoming a killer. His sister can come into play, but whether than her not knowing about her brother they are both aware of each other. Possible the same age they were separated in foster after their mother was mysteriously murdered. The sister promises that they will stay in touch, but never do. This would open to several different ways of interpretation. But that will be left up to the writers.