Wont you be my neighbor? Seth Rogen and Zac Efron’s gut busting comedy Neighbors was a surprise hit during last summers blockbuster line-up. The 18 million dollar production grossed over 260 million worldwide and left us wondering the possibilities of a sequel to this comedy. Well Universal has answered our questions and of course would like nothing better than to fill their pockets once again.

Neighbors 2 is officially in full swing and is set on beginning production this summer for a Spring 2016 release. Actors Seth Rogen, Rose Byrne, and Zac Efron will return for the sequel, as well as writers Andrew Cohen and Brendan O’Brien. Now the obvious question floating around is, what exactly will be the focus of the film now that Efron and his wild batch of fraternity brother are no longer in school?

Although the Rogen and Byrne’s character proved victorious in the war against the frat, Hell hath no fury like a sorority sister drunk. That’s right Mac(Rogen) and Kelly(Byrne) will now have to go up against a rambunctious sorority that have taken over the house. When it appears to be more then the couple can handle, they reached out to their former nemesis to help fight back. I can already Phantom Cast the sorority girls. While Jerrod Carmichael, Christopher Mintze-Plasse, and Dave Franco were the highest ranking members in the fraternity, I can easily see actresses such as Rebel Wilson, Kate Upton, and even Efron’s former girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens leading the pack of sorority sisters.

Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens attend the Charlie St Cloud premiere in Los Angeles

Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron

Normally in order for something like this to work you would need a major star to head the sorority to draw in the audience and surround them with familiar faces. In this case in choosing Vanessa Hudgens as the lead, the film can deviate from that due to numerous factors. We have seen Hudgens make a slightly successful transition from the realm of Disney star. This would be the perfect opportunity to show her acting chops and that she is capable of carrying a movie as a female lead.

Secondly, would be the history between Hudgens and her former beau Zac Efron. Even though the couple split years ago and have maintained a professional relationship, this would be the perfect opportunity to give everyone the fireworks that they were expecting after their split. The audience is already aware of their excellent chemistry from their High School Musical days, so watching these two do head to head would make for great comedy, and would drive it home with Rogen and Byrne’s in the mix.

Now there is one more thing to be address and that would be recycling the rauchiness of the film. If Universal wants this to be a successful sequel writers Cohen and O’Brien will need to make jokes that are taylor made for the sorority and their interaction with Mac and Kelley. Other wise they risk running into a re-vamp of the first one, but this time its girl.

Seth Rogen is known for his ‘Bromance” with his co-stars in films, so we can all look forward to seeing what brand of comedy will manifest from Rogen and Efron now that they will be a team whether than adversaries.