The tragic death of Paul Walker has left the production of Furious 7 with a harsh reality. With this being the final film of Walker’s, Universal has done everything it can to pay homage and respect to the late actor through the trailers and posters for the film. Their most recent poster release is keeping to this…

_1423249794The poster really hits home when it comes to the harsh reality that this is the final film of Paul Walker. In fact, it’s perfect in so many ways. The emotion tell pour out and tell two stories in this poster. From Vin Diesel’s tilted head to Paul Walker standing tall and defiant to the end, and all the way through to the perfect tagline “One Last Ride.” It almost makes you tear up. Due to Walker’s passing in November of 2013 the film was delayed for re-writes and his brothers Caleb and Cody Walker, were brought in to stand-in for the late actor’s un-filmed scenes

The latest trailer for Furious 7 was released earlier this week and of course we will need to address the hater first. Backlash was given about the trailer due to it’s cliched characterization, mediocre plot, and over exaggerated action. Let’s be honest, after six movies what do you expect. If you want a great in-depth plot and dramatics then I’d suggest to take a look at this years Oscar Nominees and have at it. There is no need for a major story with twist and turns and trying to figure out what is where, who is who, and why?


Basic story, Toretto(Diesel) and his crew are finally back in the U.S. trying to live  normal lives. Those plans are demised when the brother of their previous foe is out to avenge the death of his younger brother. Throw in some car chases and explosion, who wouldn’t wanna go see that? And do I have to mention Vin Diesel flying between two buildings at least a 100 stories high?

This franchise is going out with a bang for Furious 7, hitting cinemas April 3, 2015.