Give it to Jett I. Masstyr, he’s a fan of Phyllis Hyman to the core. Soul music runs in the man’s blood and tastes. Voices, especially those who can make waves vocally are those he wants to work with. Thus, it should be no surprise that the Houston beatsmith has chosen to produce an entire EP for rising songbird Dannie Walker. Walker’s “We Are O.N.E. (Only Novas Exist)” gets spacial treatment with a combination of a piano melody that’s strikingly similar to the one Kanye West utilized on “The Food” with Common and a driving drum pattern that is easy for Walker to let her voice rise and crest. The producer offers a bit of poetry near the end of the sugary track but it’s mostly Dannie Walker’s to own and display to the world. Stream “We Are O.N.E.” from the rising Houston talent below.