Kendrick Lamar - The Blacker the Berry

There’s something poetic about Kendrick Lamar’s releasing his long-awaited first single of 2015 during Black History Month.

Just 24 hours after Kendrick was awarded arguably “forgiveness Grammys” for his “i” single last night, along comes “The Blacker The Berry,” bearing a single artwork that has two Black babies suckling at the breasts of a Black woman. You might make the case that this is what Kendrick offers on the Boi-1da-produced track (with Terrace Martin lurking in the background on the beat, in the song’s soulful final minute): nourishment and a reminder via a classic cliche that the sweeter juice lies with the darker hues. But this ain’t about Black women. No, this is an anthem about the culture, about true liberation post-Emancipation, and moving past being “the biggest hypocrite” to being proud to be an African-American that’s “Black as hell… and arrogant.”

Not that this pardons Kendrick for leaving us hanging with “Untitled” still not on iTunes, but between Boi-1da’s hard-hitting drums and riding beat that’s all but West Coast and damn near “The Art of Peer Pressure” with a little more funk, and K. Dot’s flow switching pace and cadence with relative ease, “The Blacker The Berry” is “i” Death Row Edition. And hopefully this time, you’ll get it.

Kendrick Lamar’s sophomore LP is slated to touch down later this year.