og maco interview

“As long as we leading it, it’s all good.” – OG Maco 

Whether he is making and releasing new music or doing back to back shows across the U.S., OG Maco seems to be a busy man lately. Still, Maco took a little time to stop by DJ SupaStar’s Spin Academy for a fan meet and greet before his show in Houston on Saturday. With the hassle of flights and our city’s notorious traffic, we were left with a limited time to sit down with the Atlanta native. Given that, we skipped the formalities of how he feels about the success of “U Guessed It”, who the OGG team consists of and what it means. Instead, we used our time to discuss OG Maco’s views, vision and perception.

“What’s your perception of all the ‘OG Maco can actually rap’ comments since the release of your ‘Breathe’ EP?”

“It’s funny. That’s all it is. I mean, if people were paying attention more, they’d notice. But people still walk up to me and can’t say my name. They say “OG May-co” so, how can I expect them to know all my songs?”

“Early last year, you mentioned plans for a renaissance type movement. How do you feel about the progress of this movement since then?”

“It’s picking up everyday. People aren’t letting up. My boy Raury going hard, I’m going hard. We got Trinidad James going on an art tour right now. We got so much amazing shit. Clinton Sparks dropping a hip-hop/rock tape. It’s just shit going on. It’s definitely moving, full steam.

“What differentiates you, your OGG crew and anybody you consider part of this renaissance movement from your peers or from the pioneers?”

“We feel this. We don’t give a fuck. Whatever it is that we feel like we need to go out there and do, wherever it is we need to go, whatever time it is. My label didn’t send me out to L.A., I just went out to L.A.. We commit to whatever the fuck we say we are going to do, we do it. A lot of people not doing that. People are inactive these days.”

What is your view on the current state of hip hop?”

“As long as we leading it, it’s all good. If you keep letting all these bullshit ass rappers and all these retired ass or wanna be retired ass rappers, if you keep letting them shine, it fucks shit up. You keep letting them back in, they’re already rich.”

“You seem to have a very controlled vision of want from this. What is the vision, long term?”

“I want to see the whole youth, my whole generation shine. Do something way more than what they think we are going to do. We’re the lost generation, is what they say. But we are finding all the inspiration and creating it too.”

With messy, bleached hair OG Maco leaned back on the bright orange couch and stretched his arms out as if he owned the place. He really doesn’t give a fuck. Yet he is far from standoffish or rude, answering every question with fervor and zero hesitation. Maco is genuinely and unapologetically himself. There is much more to him than “U Guessed It”, and he is adamant about bringing his vision to fruition. Although he keeps specifications on future projects and plans under-raps, OG Maco seems to want the world to know that he is doing this, and doing it his way. And most importantly, if you are going to downplay his lyrical abilities, at least say his name correctly.