While Dallas was running a victory lap over the attention Justin Night (formerly Love, JT) received from national media for signing a 360 deal to The D.O.C. and being trapped in a studio writing for what may possibly be a new Dr. Dre album, another Dallas native currently has the internet’s most buzzed about single from a relative newbie. That would be Post Malone and his “White Iverson” track.

Upon initial listen, “White Iverson” doesn’t knock you off your feat. Post Malone’s vocals are conversational, lingering in and out like key points of a talk between two friends than a speech that’ll change your life. FKi’s production mixes piano melody and drums that make enough noise to draw you in but the whole effort doesn’t seem all that mesmerizing. Until you’re playing the song over and over again. I did. Maybe because “sauce” is starting to become a new rap adjective but Malone readily admits “I’m with some white girls and they in love with the cocoa,” as a send up to OT Genasis while name dropping The Answer, James Harden, Anthony Davis and more as ballers of choice.

Listen here. Post Malone’s currently residing in LA so give it about two weeks before somebody starts digging into his back story and how Dallas really is about to blow.