Nerds and gamers around the globe rejoice! Netflix and Nintendo are in talks to create a live-action series based on the popular video game Legend of Zelda. So far we do not know much about the series but we do know that Netflix wants to give it a “Game of Thrones” type of feel but with a more family-friendly tone. Netflix and Nintendo are still in the early stages of development but they are still looking for writers. The story will be focused on the protagonist Link, a young boy who is on an adventure to save Hyrule and the beautiful Princess Zelda. We still need to remember this is not confirmed yet and it is in it’s very early stages and either Netflix or Nintendo can cancel the project. Netflix and Nintendo have yet to comment.

Personally I think this is a great idea for Nintendo to take part of this because the series is so popular globally that they would not have a problem looking for an audience. If Nintendo is not confident with the idea I don’t blame them since Nintendo is very personal and secure when it comes to their products. Since 1987 the Japanese game developer has created over 20 titles of the series, including remakes and cameos like in Super Smash Bros. In 1989 Nintendo created an animated Legend of Zelda series but it was done after one season. They probably wanted to bring in a bigger audience to the game but it failed. The biggest bomb Nintendo has done was a live-action Super Mario Bros. movie back in 1993, sorry for bringing up such a horrible event in the past. But now in the present we have come so far with technology and filmmaking that it is the perfect time for Nintendo to at least try this again. If you are still not sure about this then remember the April Fools trailer IGN made back in 2008? It looks good!

Now imagine Netflix coming in and making it even better! Netflix is the best move for Nintendo because trying to make a TV series or a movie will probably not work out since they have to deal with studios. Netflix is the best place for this live action series because Netflix is thriving and their original series are some of the most popular shows today, not to mention no waiting for weekly episodes. I hope Nintendo goes through with this because imagine the possibilities of other characters getting their own series like Starfox, Samus, even Captain Falcon! I am not really feeling a Mario Bros. show but I a fan of the idea of a Lugi’s Mansion. If everyone around the globe who are fans of the game show their support on this then I can assure you that this live-action series will become reality.