The Ben-Hur remake is looking to once again cast the role of Jesus Christ. Throughout the years of cinema we have seen a variety of actors portray this biblical role to different degrees. This role is not one that can be easily portrayed as it comes with great responsibility to take on the role of the Son of God.  In order to take on this role an actor requires a bit of experience. Why not someone who’s played God. A God King that is.

Best know for his role as Sparta’s nemesis Xerxes, actor Rodrigo Santoro is tapped to play Jesus Christ in the remake of Ben Hur. Santoro will join Jack Huston and Morgan Freeman. With Academy Award Winner John Ridley behind the helm of writing the script, this could be a perfect opportunity for Santoro to catapult his career and show another side of his acting talents. We have seen Santoro turned into a cuddly object of affection by Richard Curtis in Love Actually and Zack Snyder turn him into the face of evil in the 300 films. There is a high chance that the director of the Ben Hur remake Timur Bekambetov will bring out the best of Santoro as he portrays the savior of are people.

Although the film is still under production we will still get see Santoro on the big screen along side Will Smith and Margo Robbie in the upcoming thriller Focus set to release February 26,2016. Ben Hur will begin filming in Europe this up coming winter. Slated for a February release in 2016 the remake will have no competition what so ever.