Quick history lesson. For the past six years whether it be via Frontline tours, “Say I Won’t” breaking on 97.9, “Two Rounds” becoming even bigger than that and a slew of projects that were either the best in the city or should have been mentioned as some of the best period, there has always been Propain. Propain may have his slew of favorite producers but nobody pulls the absolute best of out of him like Donnie Houston. They’re married in that respect, regardless of what further success Pro may achieve. His best work is with the guy who used to call himself DJ Don and is responsible for that flip of The Unisputed Truth’s “Smiling Faces” turning into a personal Propain anthem and “Father’s Day” standing as the best Houston rap song about the wounds of absentee parents in quite sometime.

That tandem is coming out swinging on “Triumph” as Pro’s looking to the sky where the greats are speaking to him to keep going and Donnie Houston’s mixing in your typical blend of soul to add a bit of smoothness to Propain’s already raspy, 100% authentic drawl. Pulling a drum pattern that apes Andre 3000’s “She Lives In My Lap” plays almost secondary. The main focus is Pro being Pro, a fan of Nas who was gifted with a daughter last year still stuck in the mode of being forever the underdog. Stream “Triumph” from Pro below. Against All Odds, his new mixtape is set to drop next month.