It has been a couple of days since we last saw the trailer for Fast and Furious 7 which aired during the Super Bowl last Sunday. Universal has now released a 3 minute trailer extending the story and giving us little more to look forward too. My guess to why they released a 3 minute is to show that they stepped up their game which they always do. Seeing the first trailer did make me excited for the film but this 3 minute trailer kind of killed the excitement from showing a little too much. It showed major stunts and basically showed the film in less than 3 minutes. Yes, its not the whole film, but I like to be surprised for certain stunts. I’m not going to lie seeing the part where the team is back at race wars made me happy. Still not sure whether they will show it in the beginning as the team is back to their old lives or a the end for a nice ending. I remember when the late Paul Walker Died (Brian O’Connor) they film was half way through production. The cast and crew together put everything they had in this film in order to pay tribute to Paul and make sure this film was going to come out as one of the best in the series. It is confirmed that Brain will not die in the film so we can all rest assured. What will probably happen is that Brian will be sent off by Dom with his sister Mia in order to keep their small family safe from anymore harm. It is good to know that this film will for sure end on a good note.

Fast and Furious 7 looks like it is going to be an the end of the series due to Paul Walkers death. But to those who don’t know is that Universal is set to make 3 more films which makes a total of 10. Yes, Brain and Mia are part of the original cast but we need to remember that Dom and Letty are part of it too. This leaves more growth for the story and cast since they did bring in Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham. Also for Furious 7 they are bringing in MMA fighter Ronda Rousey, Kurt Russell, Djimon Hounsou, and the one and only Tony Jaa. Yes, I agree it sucks that some of the cast will no longer join the cast like the couple of Han (Sung Kang) and Gisele (Gal Gabot) but remember the story can adapt, c’mon they brought back Letty from the dead for heavens sake! Lucas Black who played (Shawn) in Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift is in the cast of Furious 7 since he was close to Han not to mention Dom showed up at the end which probably is how he will meet Shawn in Furious 7. Maybe Twinkie (Bow Wow) will show up too and also rumored Leon (Johnny Strong) from the first movie. Good news is Lucas Black is signed to come back for at least 2 more chapters. Like I stated before the story will adapt and it will grow.

Until we see Furious 7 it is hard to tell where the story will go since we are not sure if they have any enemies left. Will they stay international and fighting bad guys or will they just go back to local street racing or maybe street racing worldwide? I would love to see a Race Wars International circuit which can add a rival to the mix, a race around the world or just races in huge capitals will be enough. If they do have something planned like that then hello, Tokyo! Lucas Black! he is signed for the next chapters in the series so I think I’m on to something here! Until we see Furious 7 then the future is unclear at the moment, we will have to wait and see what is in store for us and keep hope that the story line will become bigger and better. The Fast and Furious franchise will always be one of my favorites and I hope it’s one of yours too.

Fast and Furious 7 opens in theaters April 3, 2015.