Tupac Shakur

Here’s a Greek tragedy for you.

We’ve all come to grips with the fact that Tupac mementos are pretty much scattered throughout the universe. Another one, a letter written to a friend in Big Lock has surfaced on the internet and considering the subject of some of ‘Pac’s words, you can tell it was written a little bit after All Eyez On Me was released in 1996, probably after “Hit Em Up” set the world on fire — and sank all of Pac’s venom into The Notorious B.I.G. and Bad Boy Records. The real intrigue in the letter as AllHipHop & our own Cecilia Smith discovered is an unfinished album that would have put one of hip-hop’s greatest to ever do it with another twosome who can share that same title, OutKast.

Following a recent interview with Jim Belushi coming to light for the ’96 film Gang Related, a letter written by ‘Pac to friend Big Lock has surfaced in which he discussed a never released collaborative effort title ONE NATION, in which he lists upcoming partnerships with fellow Californian emcee E-40, Scarface, Smif-n-Wessum and legendary duo OutKast. – AHH


Considering that the letter comes in 1996, it would be Pac at his creative peak dealing with two 20-year-old kids from Atlanta who were just starting to tap into their creative reaches. The ONE NATION project according to lore was said to be deading the bi-costal beef but until now, nobody had associated the brothers of OutKast with Tupac Shakur. A recent tweet by Big Boi suggests he and Dre would have loved to work on the project as well.

Production wise might hold the greatest significance here. Pac still had Johnny J under him, meaning West Coast Funk would still be heavily wrapped into the project. Take in the funk from the dungeon from Organized Noize and you might want to throw up your hands and feel like Tre from Boyz In The Hood and feel all types of upset.

Sigh, damn you September 7, 1996.