We’ve been hip to Sudie, the now 23-year-old Dallas singer/songwriter and Computer Ugly signee for a minute now. Her rather breathtaking two singles last year with “Asiasaurus” and “Heartattack” brought the classically trained pianist into a world all her own with dabbles in electro-pop and a fluent sense of conveying emotion into rather ethereal moments.

“Bruise,” her debut single for 2015 and the first released from her forthcoming self-titled EP combines Sudie’s best elements, dashes of jazz, pop and electronic music, dragging her vocals along every drop and wave until you’re stuck with them. You can argue hints of Regina Spektor and Björk reside in the 23-year-old but in actuality, it’s still all her in all of its brooding majesty. Stream “Bruise” from Sudie below.

[Indie Shuffle]

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