So, if you’re Warren Sapp, you don’t put out a payment plan for hookers near Glendale, AZ the moring after the Super Bowl, no? Guess you’re not Warren Sapp as the former Tampa Bay Bucs and Oakland Raiders All-Pro was booked in a downtown Phoenix jail on Sunday morning after being charged with assault and solicitation of a prostitute. The NFL Hall of Famer was in Arizona doing coverage on Super Bowl XLIX for the NFL Network.

The network has yet to release a statement on Sapp who was booked in 2010 for domestic battery charges in his native Florida but those charges were dropped.


UPDATE: Sapp has been fired by the NFL Network. Per the Los Angeles Times:

The NFL Network decided to fire Sapp on Monday afternoon, just hours after news of his arrest surfaced.

“Warren Sapp’s contract has been terminated and he no longer works for NFL Network,” said Alex Riethmiller, vice president of communications for the network.