A leaked script for DC Comics’s upcoming TV show Titans has revealed the show’s roster. To avoid confusion this roster has not been confirmed and these characters might potentially appear in the show.

The roster for the team will include Nightwing, Barbara Gordon, Starfire, Raven, Hawk, and Dove. As we know Nightwing was the first confirmed to appear on the show as the leader of the group but Dick Grayson will first start off as Robin who has recently left Batman’s side and will grow into Nightwing. Nightwing will also set the Titans hub in Boston. Barbara Gordon will be coming from Gotham City who we all know as Batgirl and Oracle. She will play the role of the teams information source as she did for Batman but will not take the name of Oracle so we will have to sit and wait to see if she gets a nickname. The only thing that stays the same for Barbara is that she will be in a wheel-chair.

Starfire and Raven will be joining the group as they were in the popular Teen Titan series that ran from 2003 – 2006. Starfire is the one characters I was hoping for the most because it will help with the expansion for the DCTVU. There still is not much about her other than she will appear at the end of the pilot episode. Raven will have the alter-ego of Rachel Roth that Geoff Johns introduced from writing the Teen Titans comic. Hank Hall and Dawn Granger aka Hawk and Dove (the post-Crisis on Infinite Earths’ versions) will be joining the group even though they are not official members of the Titans but have made guest appearances in the comics.

The roster is great so far but there are two characters missing if you haven’t noticed. We see no sign of Beast Boy or Cyborg. Beast Boy seems like he will probably join the team later since Starfire and Raven are on the team but nothing has been confirmed yet. Cyborg most likely will not be joining the group due to Warner Bros. wanting to keep him in the DC cinematic universe and since the New 52 reboot Cyborg was made an official member of the Justice League. I’m thinking since Cyborg will not be involved they decided to add Hawk and Dove. Looking ahead I think Titans will become my favorite DC TV show not just because Nightwing is my favorite DC character but because this show can help expand the DC TV universe. In my Supergirl article I stated that alien life can help expand the universe and hopefully bring S.T.A.R labs into fruition. The DC TV universe is going strong and Titans will be a huge factor on making the universe even stronger.

TNT’s Titans will begin production this year but has no set release date.