As separate entities, Rob Gullatte & Show have proven on more than one occasion to be very talented. Not just in that generic, bland and tired idea most seem to have of street music but one of life itself. Show’s weaving backstory involves some of the greatest triumphs and tragedies and after a year which his career took off from the ground and hit the sky, Gullatte battled his own body trying to shut him down and kill him. They’re savages, rap heroes who’ve pretty much pinned themselves to their pens and pads and refuse to do anything else.

Yes, Gullatte & Show are finally giving people a duo tape in The Sophisticated Savages. Yes, there are guests such as OneHunnidt, George Young, Donnie Houston, Undergravity, Hoodstar Chantz, Yung Quis and more. Show’s long outfitted himself as a lanky version of the rap Grim Reaper and Gullatte shows on The Sophisticated Savages that he’s like the old Junkyard Dog, always ready to jump and fight and snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. Who exactly knows what took them so long to pull this off but here we are — The Sophisticated Savages are alive, healthy and still offering more life material for you to nod your head to and enjoy. Stream The Sophisticated Savages below.