Seven minutes. Normally when you allow someone like OneHunnidt seven minutes to let his mind and thoughts speak for him, things such as rapping become secondary. THere’s meter and form but everything becomes a blur. It becomes a conversation, a venting process where the only form of catharsis for OneHunnidt is to just speak. When Legacy Of A Legend dropped, his heart and voice wanted to spike on every track because that’s all he wanted LOAL to be. Field Sobriety is different.

Chris Rockaway gets employed to handle “Closed Caption,” Hunnidt’s latest escapade into lorn form expression with Lyric Michelle bookending things with a little spoken word and Love Dominique scatting her way underneath Hunnidt’s thoughts on fatherhood and the general ups and downs of life. Rockaway’s production here, like anything he lays his hands on morphs from a brooding minor homage to Blackalicious’ “Feel That Way” to a jazzy, straight-eyed and focused bass movement. Stream “Closed Caption” below.

Field Sobriety is coming Wednesday, February 4th.