Sam Lao may indeed have next.

Dallas, a city without a clear cut and defined identity outside of a wide perspective of acts on the verge has two big female rap names. One is Snow, The Product – a Fort Worth based talent who could rap an infinite amount of bars if necessary. The second would be Sam Lao, a wild haired singer/songwriter who dabbles in rap because of the immediacy a 16-bar verse brings. She carries the torch for Dallas’ uncompromising mysticism. Well, the one on the top level underground at least.

She’s already released a string of tracks over the past few years, a full length project in West Pantego in 2013 that featured production from Blue, the Misfit, Ish D & X, the Misfit. Now it’s all about capitalizing on what’s next, what’s beyond that hair that is expressive and wild like a brush fire and the beauty that zeros in on making hearts flutter and bodies want to melt. So why does “Money Money,” the crawling and drum splattering creation from Ish D and Sam sound so polished? Probably because the Dallas talent wants to wreck all of our pre-determined books like a “hand full of spades”. She jumps at the chase to play road runner to Ish D’s track, nimbly jumping from double time flow to screwed up chorus and back. Money is always the motivation, recognition and respect is too.

Stream “Money Money” from Sam Lao & Ish D below.

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