If you haven’t figured it out, “All I Know” is the lead single from Slim Thug’s upcoming Hogg Life Vol. 1 album. Instead of going the digital route and letting plenty of blogs get their grubby little hands on it, Slim went retro and gave the G Luck & BDON bass guitar heavy track to Houston local radio behemoth 97.9 The Box. The result was as expected, plenty of people clamoring for a new Slim record across the country who couldn’t tune in to hear DJ BRyte break it or Kiotti bring it back.

“All I Know” is a back to the block moment for Slim & Propain, two artists who’ve seen plenty and are happy that they don’t have to go back. “We used to stand on the corner bangin’ that UGK / … I got a pocket full of stones, diamonds against the wood / stay ridin’ dirty when I was flippin thru my hood,” Slim affirms looking back on his days back on the Northside in braids and a large afro before a fateful night at All Star turned him into a local legend. Propain hops on the autotune here for the chorus but grips the steering wheel and lets his voice echo off every 808 knock provided by G Luck & B Don. Stream “All I Know” from Thugga below. Hogg Life Vol. 1 lands next Tuesday.

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