I understand J. Rhodes completely. If “the thug life” means I’m going to pay a bill two days late because I didn’t have it on the due date then I’m part of that life. If “thug life” by J. Rhodes definition means I’m going to do whatever I can within legal means to support my family, then dammit, I guess I’m a thug. If “thug life” by the book of Rhodes, first initial J but don’t forget the period equates to striking the fear of God in my enemies because I’m not only smarter than them, I dress better than them too — sign me up. On what stands as his born day, the humble Dallas producer piles all of his thoughts with society’s perceptions into one track, “Thug Life”.

Don’t mind that sample, everyone loves a little distorted Parliament Funkadelic with a little MC Beed tossed in for their joys and troubles. The birthday track to Rhodes means a moment of being “a young black male and unfairly labeled,” something plenty struggle with every day. It’s honest and you and stream and support it below.