The summer of sequels is fast approaching and, while most await that little superhero movie with the Ultron guy, other films will be gunning for your attention, as well. One of those is the sequel to Seth MacFarlane’s cult hit of 2012, Ted, which introduced viewers to a foul-mouthed stuffed animal with a heart of gold.

Yes, the Bear is Back. There’s a wedding on deck, but it’s not the Mark Wahlberg-Mila Kunis one that was hinted to at the end of the original. No, instead, it turns out the teddy bear himself is tying the knot, and that brings with it all the usual complications that come with a stuffed animal-to-woman marriage – finding a sperm donor, legalizing your marriage, and proving to the world (or at least a court of law) that you have a soul like the rest of us. Hilarity ensues, with appearances from Amanda Seyfried and Morgan Freeman; and you can bet that MacFarlane has at least two random cameos lined up to appear.

Watch the official trailer for Ted 2 up top and prepare to make up for all of the laughs you didn’t get during “A Million Ways to Die in The West,” this upcoming June 26th.