During the annual Super Bowl media day, Lynch answered every question with some variation of “I’m here so I won’t get fined.” He occasionally changed the delivery but stuck to his script.

Lynch stayed at his designated podium for 4 minutes, 51 seconds — over an hour less than all his teammates and coaches — and was asked 29 questions. At the 4:51 mark, he said “time,” stood up and walked away from the microphone.

Lynch had been threatened with a $500,000 fine by the NFL if he failed to make himself available on media day, a league source told ESPN’s Ed Werder.

An NFL Players Association executive monitored Lynch’s appearance Tuesday. About 200 reporters crowded around Lynch’s podium for at least 15 minutes before he arrived.

But Lynch wouldn’t answer any questions. He set a timer on his phone, caught a bag of Skittles tossed from the crowd and stopped to pick up a reporter’s recorder off the floor before he walked away.

Old teammate  Golden Tate who was once Hawk himself approved of BeastMode’s action on Twitter.

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