Since the news was released that 20th Century Fox would be relauching the Fantastic Four franchise, the roller coaster ride of whether or not the reboot will deliver has been on-going with negative comments and actions.

Where do we began to even start? There was the controversy with the casting dog Michael B. Jordan playing Sue Storm’s brother Johnny Storm a.k.a The Human Torch. Then there was the rumor that the film would been shot in the first person style of the 2012 Sci-Fi thriller Chronicle(Which also stared Michael B. Jordan.). Next there was the dispute between Fox and Marvel not coming to terms with equal promotion for the new film thus having Marvel pulled the entire franchise from the Marvel company including promotion, merchandise, and even the comic itself. The last issue for the Fantastic Four comic series is set to be release the next few months.┬áRumors about reshoots, the direction of the film, and cast has left a sour taste in the mouths of all that are interested in the seeing the film.

So what could be done to get the audience back on a brighter note that this film will not be a disaster? Release a trailer that will silence all critics. The trailer was released this morning and I must say, my interest in this film is back on. We find out that the Fantastic Four film is going to be strongly influenced by Marvel’s Ultimate series, which finds the team being sent to another dimension after a failed experiment. This trailer is really giving us a more in depth look into the origins of the Fantastic Four comic than what we lead to believe.

We get to see each member morph into their super-powered beings. Well Johnny(Jordan) and Ben(Bell) you can see clearly, Reed(Teller) and Sue(Mara) you have to look at frame by frame.

This trailer is far more promising than anyone could have imagined and could not have released any sooner. With the release of the film approaching the franchise needs to gain back their audience and this was the perfect way for them to start. The trailer will leave you wanting more and began to open up a wide range of questions.

The Fantastic Four makes it way to Theaters August 7th.