Look, we didn’t run through an entire Royal Rumble recap because we were still part of the militia that damn near wanted to burn our WWE Network subscriptions to a crisp. We get that the WWE is force feeding us Roman Reigns and trying to make him the second coming of The Rock with catchphrases and all that. It’s not working. Want to know what made Roman Reigns work when he was with The Shield? He said little and when he did speak, you felt it because he’d follow up with a spear or a powerbomb. Point is, Roman Reigns should be built as Samoan royalty. A prince who has all the physical tools of his cousin The Rock & some of the charisma. It works.

Want to know how it works? Because Paul Heyman just sold you on it. You see, RAW was cancelled (sort of) last night due to Winter Storm Juno and instead they gave fans the re-airing of Sunday night’s amazing triple threat between Seth Rollins, John Cena & Brock Lesnar but the Royal Rumble match where Roman Reigns assumed his destiny of winning it.

Heyman, arguably the best talker wrestling has ever seen weaves not only personal narrative and backstory into Roman’s mission to win the WWE Title but the fact that his own cousin, the most prolific of all Samoans, The Rock couldn’t beat Brock Lesnar. So what makes him, the Samoan Prince able to do it? Instead of Roman knocking down silly ass Vince McMahon scripted promos and the sort, he just lays it out quite plain. He’s human, but he knows his goal and that is to beat Brock Lesnar and win the WWE Title? It’s so damn simple and effective!

It cuts away the “typical” WWE interview format of three guys yelling at each other and silly catchphrases ending in a shoving match. Instead it gives us a legit fight, Brock being the galactic champion of the universe who cares very little for family legacies or bloodlines and Roman being steely eyed and admitting a human fallacy. Even if he loses, Brock’s going to respect him regardless.

Heyman didn’t do a whole lot of damage control from what happened Sunday at the Rumble, but for the love of all that is holy, let him help steer this ship if this is the plan for Mania.