iAmSola - Boudoir

“Freedom, medication, and expression.”

These are the three tenets listed on emerging Canadian singer-songwriter Sola Reign’s facebook page to describe what music means to her. The Jamaican-born but Toronto-cultivated Sola – born Camisha Young – brands her style as “alternative” R&B, though it’s clear Sola somewhat follows in the footsteps of plenty of recent Canadian musicians who draw influences from Houston (insert obligatory reference to Drake here).

Utilizing this “alternative” dark R&B sound that relies on echoes and murky beats that let her voice reverberate at every turn, Sola recognizes the path that was paved for her by artists like Aaliyah (who she cites as an influence), JMSN, Rochelle Jordan, and The Weeknd. And yet, something about Sola suggests that she’s disrupting that path to make her own way and stand apart from the pack.

On “Boudoir,” the lead single from Sola Reign’s upcoming About A Boy… EP, the songbird begins the song with a slowed-down sample from Shaggy’s “Mr. Loverman” on its hook, one that DJ Screw – or, at least, OG Ron C – would nod his head approvingly along to. This hook merely rolls out the red carpet for Sola’s lush and darkly seductive voice to take over, as she dishes out instructions for her lover to make his way towards her room quick, fast, and in a hurry so they can engage in some “sexual healing.” Indeed, the very minute Sola croons, “Why
don’t you come, to my place/ and hold me?”
it’s simply too late to break away from “Boudoir’s” spell.

Sola’s About A Boy… EP, on which “Boudoir” appears, is set to arrive next month. As an added bonus, you can also take a listen to the EP’s slow-burning second single, “You,” down below as well.