Adidas Basketball – Black History Month Collection [ #KTOD #BHM #Kicks @Adidas @Shoegame]

With Black History Month now upon us, adidas has teamed up with the long time basketball great, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, to create a limited edition collection that honors the accomplishments of the said basketball legend. The collection will feature four popular Hoops silhouettes including the Crazy 8, J Wall 1, D Rose 5 Boost, and D Lillard 1. Each sneaker is dressed in sepia tones with inspirational quotes screen-printed along the body.

The structure of each sneak remains intact; however, it is the theme of each piece that varies. The Crazy 8 for example features pays homage to the high school basketball days of Kareem while the J Wall 1 gives a look at his record breaking collegiate career at UCLA. The D Rose 5 Boost highlights his early successes in the NBA with the Milwaukee Bucks where as the D Lillard 1 focuses on his renowned story with the Los Angeles Lakers. The celebrated career of Kareem is shown in great detail with each piece.

The collection will be available at Adidas with the Crazy 8 ($110) launching January 23, J Wall 1 ($115) and D Rose 5 Boost ($140) on January 30 and D Lillard 1 ($105) on February 6.

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