In case you hadn’t heard, the Royal Rumble is tonight. You know, PPV where the main event is a 30-man battle royal to determine who faces the WWE Champion at WrestleMania? I mean, I’m sure there won’t be any surprises tonight but –

That’s The Rock, live via social media! (Twitter). He’s in Philadelphia. The Royal Rumble this year is in Philadelphia. That’s … *puts on Illuminati glasses* wait a second. Are we really going back to our old Mania card speculation of Rock vs. Brock? Is he here to make his cousin Roman Reigns look strong? Is he going to battle Rusev in a form of rare WWE continuity? WHY ARE YOU IN PHILLY ROCK? WHY?

Or maybe I need to sleep on this some more. Anyway, we’re going further into Royal Rumble predictions later.