A conversation about when does the music season really kick off occurred earlier today. I charted late January, early February as when everyone begins shaking off the fat from Christmas and alcohol from New Years and hops back in the studio full-time. C7, who’s rap style mixes plenty of auto-tune in a “love-it-or-deal-with-it” croak breaks out of the gates with one of the first Houston rap tapes of merit with Bout Dat Time. There’s a strong swing of features from Rob Gullatte, Doughbeezy on the lead single “Roll”, Show, Candi Redd and others but you’re not going to escape the voice of C7 no matter how hard you try. A relatively seamless rapper, he’s not going to snatch heads with ferocity like Gullatte or Show but he’s going to glide over a few beats and enjoy trying to show out moreso than stay stuck in one spot.

C7 uses Bout Dat Time to further his sound, bass heavy and synth fused with the help of the likes of June James & OG Bowser, who hold down the bulk of the production. It’s loose at times, rigid in others but C7 isn’t trying to immediately win the world over on tape numero uno, he’s building slowly and steadily, with the right people behind him. Stream Bout Dat Time via Audiomack below and watch C7’s “Roll” video with Doughbeezy below.