The DC TV universe just keeps on growing! CBS has officially cast their Kara Zor-El aka Supergirl and the lucky woman is Melissa Benoist (Glee, Whiplash). Supergirl has the same origin as her cousin Superman who escaped Krypton before it was destroyed and found herself on earth. The story will be about Kara no longer wanting to hide her powers from the world and wanting to make a difference like her famous cousin.

What does this mean for the DC TV universe? Because of this show it will help set the tone for more Superhumans or “Metahumans” as they say in CW’s Flash. Supergirl can also pave the way of including other alien life into the universe. I am hoping that this will help bring in one certain character and it is Starfire. No Starfire doesn’t team up with Supergirl but Starfire is in the Teen Titans and they are also getting ready for TNT’s Titans. This also means more crossovers with the shows and having not just one or two but multiple heroes teaming up to stop the bad guys. My biggest question is, are they going to start rebuilding S.T.A.R Labs? S.T.A.R Labs (Science and Technology Advanced Research Laboratories) is a major set for CW’s Flash and Arrow has even stopped by. Since S.T.A.R Labs is a major organization involved in the comics this can even help pay the way for more heroes to join in. Even an Atom spinoff show can be created if they consider it. S.T.A.R Labs can help him perfect his suit that has been shown in CW’s Arrow. They can even include Cyborg in the Teens Titans if they choose to, since S.T.A.R Labs did create him. Another branch of S.T.A.R Labs can be created for Supergirl since she is going to need some help when fighting crime but I doubt that will be the case since the show has to start off small first. I’m sure people are going to want some security on helping controlling and getting to know these new people with powers, especially now the Flash no longer has hid himself and shown the world that he is real. The only problem will be Dr. Wells because it is confirmed that he is the Reverse Flash and is also the head of S.T.A.R Labs at the moment. I guess we will have to wait and see what they have in store for us, I am excited for Supergirl and I cant wait to see what the show brings to the DC TV universe.