Frank Ocean

It’s possible that Frank Ocean’s creative process is much like most writers’ – it lies dormant throughout the day and then, at some ungodly hour when most people are usually asleep, it bubbles over and produces something amazing, albeit at a time when most aren’t around to enjoy it.

Replicating his “midnight mystery” moment from November, the rapper-singer-songwriter took to his Tumblr late to reveal a brand new track late Friday night (or is that early Saturday morning). Though untitled, it’s possible that Francis’s new song was inspired by yesterday marking Aaliyah’s birthday since it draws inspiration from “At Your Best (You Are Love).” On the other hand, on its hook, Frank all but channels a young Ronald Isley. It’s not exactly a cover of “At Your Best,” either, as Ocean adds his own lyrics in the verses and all but lets his high note flourish over the piano in the song’s final moments before it takes a funky turn at the end.

Whether this song will land on Ocean’s allegedly almost-done album, nobody knows just yet. But in any case, welcome back to the music, Frank Ocean. We’ve missed you.