My friend and brother usually shares his favorite comic book covers of the week with us. Doesn’t matter what brand or comic affiliation, whatever catches his eye usually takes the cake. So I’m curious his thoughts on Marvel not only picking up one but two variants of Run The Jewels’ album cover for the respective covers of Howard The Duck #2 and Deadpool #45. Ask the Jewel Runners themselves, Killer Mike & El-P and they’ll offer you two totally different answers on how things came together.

“We didn’t know it was happening,” Run the Jewels’ producer El-P told Rolling Stone. “We just got told it was happening and we were like, ‘You can’t be serious, that’s not possible, how is that even possible?’ Then they showed us the covers. And it’s fucking crazy.”

Killer Mike countered, “I knew it was happening potentially but when it came all the way through, I was dancing around the room in my Polo underwear.” Mike’s management previously had contact with Marvel about doing something but the final product is absolutely stunning.

Sorry, if I ever get famous enough to get my mug on a comic like Birdman or the Rae Sremmurd kids (one of them looks like the brother from Rocket Power but that’s neither here nor there), then I’m doing to hit the meanest wop. See both covers here.