The new DC animated feature “Justice League: Throne of Atlantis” is here to show that Aquaman is no longer the weak hero that we all made fun of for talking to fish. Like the DC New 52 reboot this shows a different view on Aquaman which I believe he really needed. What people overlooked (especially those who had never read the comics) was that Aquaman was always a badass. He was never weak and he has little tolerance to evil. The new 52 has done a great job redefining Aquaman and Throne of Atlantis is a perfect way to show those who don’t read the comics that Aquaman is here to save and not to play.

This story takes place right after the evens of “Justice League: War” where the members of the Justice League first come together to defeat Darkseid. The Justice League is not officially formed but after an attack involving a Navy submarine and with missing missiles the heroes have to come together to solve the mystery. Introducing Arthur Curry (Aquaman) a man who has just lost his father and is looking for purpose in life, who acts a lot like Wolverine, lonely and getting into fights. What Arthur has yet to learn is that he is half Atlantian and half human who his mother Queen Atlanna has said to the rightful heir to the throne of Atlantis, and to be the bridge for both Atlantis and the human world. In come Arthur’s half brother Orm (Ocean Master) and Black Manta who are planning to take over Atlantis and wage war on the human world due to their deep hatred of them from poisoning their water and blaming the death of their king who died, which happened during the fight with Darkseid in Justice League: War. Mera the bodyguard to the Queen is sent to find Arthur and bring him back to take his rightful place on the throne. With the help of the Justice League Arthur battles against Ocean Master and Black Manta to stop the war and bring piece.

The animation was great and the artists did a great job on displaying the characters as they have in previous animated features. I loved that DC is keeping the fluidity of its universe by taking time to build their characters before the major story is revealed. Also showing the romance of Superman and Wonder Woman which is happening in the New 52 was a great edition in which fans will love. The action was very entertaining and showed the ruthlessness of Aquaman and the new Justice League. The story is simple to understand and makes it’s point, but suffers from a few plot-holes and also feeling rushed and stuffed with lots of information under an hour in order to keep the story going. It is awesome seeing that DC is expanding it’s animated universe and that they are going to stay consistent with their reboot story. Throne of Atlantis was entertaining and enjoyable and I can’t wait to see what the Justice League will bring next.

Justice League: Throne of Atlantis Review [@DCComics #Aquamanisabeast]
Aquaman is new and fresh, entertaining but few plot holes and rushed95%
95%Overall Score