Ladies & gentlemen, we now have our greatest clip of 2015 and we’re not even fifteen days in. Look, we know HLN’s Nancy Grace is quite bothersome. We know that if there isn’t a missing co-ed out there, she may be a bit unhinged. Nancy having a near aneurysm over how America has done a complete about face about marijuana may be the final straw though. Someone had to set her straight. Someone had to argue about the rather ludicrous hashtag, #Pot2Blame.

Someone like 2 Chainz!

Yes, 2 Chainz! Tauheed Epps is a national treasure. One who has taught us about gaudy things, enjoy the nickname Tity Boi, given us strip club anthem after anthem. He has a video game named after him! Does Nancy Grace have a game after her? No. By default, 2 Chainz wins any argument of greatness when compared to Nancy. But she had to poke the bear, our charming prince of Atlanta to prove a point.

2 Chainz slaughtered Nancy last night. It looked like Pernell Whitaker against a decent but not so great welterweight. She recited his lyrics, referred to him as the man formerly known as Tity Boi, created a ludicrous phrase with “pot tot”. Felt outraged that two loony parents decided that letting their toddler smoke was a problem.

Didn’t matter.

She brought rocks to a fight with Teta Chico. He articulated why weed should be legal citing the difference between recreational use and irresponsibility. Why legalizing the drug will no doubt flip the prison standards and criminalization of black and brown men for petty possession charges. Haymakers. Even Bill Burr live-tweeted the exchange and noticed the technical brilliance of 2 Chainz versus Grace.

Watch the entire clip above and relish in our victory America, we did it.