Last fall, Raury, the optimistic teenage whiz kid from Atlanta captured the attention of everyone when he was announced as one of the openers for OutKast’s ATLast show. He compounded those emotions with a pensive, folksy and soulful hip-hop project Indigo Child. Now he returns months later with “Fly”, a heartbreaking yet dashing maneuver penned by Raury in the aftermath of the decision that Darren Wilson would not be indicted for the killing of Michael Brown.

The acoustic track for which he collaborates with Malik Shakur finds its footing from the onset as Raury goes through the various conflicts of emotion, of anger and urgency with gentle calm tucked in as well. The spoken word outro by Raury paints a sad picture, one where he wishes his son would embrace child-like ideals such as dreaming of becoming a mountain and the hope he understands love and doesn’t wind up a hashtag. It’s solemn and fucked up all the same. Stream “Fly” by Raury below.