Meaghan Trainor’s “Title (Deluxe)” Album Review

Album artwork for Meaghan Trainor's "Title(Deluxe)"

Album artwork for Meaghan Trainor’s “Title(Deluxe)”

The pop singer made famous for her hit singles “All About That Bass” and “Lips are Movin” has released a full length album for her fans to enjoy. A lot of people and critics are getting annoyed by her music being played on the radio, but if you give Meaghan Trainor’s album a listen, you might reconsider your opinion on her. Once you listen to songs such as “3am”, “Like I’m Gonna Lose You” ft. John Legend, and “Dear Future Husband”, you will definitely melt a little inside if you have a weak spot for doo-wop music. With a sprinkle of soul all over the album, and a dash of sass, as well as her pretty awesome vocals, give the girl a chance: she’s got talent. Also, ladies: there’s some fun songs every girl could relate to, like “Band Dem Sticks” and “Walkashame”, with having a thing for drummers (who doesn’t these days?!) and a song about a hook up and doing the infamous walk of shame. It’s a fun, quorky doo-wop inspired album, and something everyone could enjoy if you have a thing for 50s pop inspired music. You can check out the album on Spotify now! Also available on iTunes and in stores.