junia-t eye see you

As discussions commence about “who to watch in 2015” and the like, Mississauga, Ontario producer and emcee Junia-T is a stand out and breath of fresh air. His project Eye See You (released late 2014) spotlights not only his well rounded skill-set and his ability to balance them but also his knack for bringing artists together to create something great.

We are bombarded with the idea of the “producer/emcee”, and often when an artist combines the two, one or both aspects of the final product is stifled and underwhelming. Junia-T balances them seamlessly, utilizing beats that complement his flow so that neither takes precedent nor a back seat. The project opens with Head Nod, which includes a well-known Bob Marley quote before flowing into a Busta Rhymes sample and Junia-T’s quick witted lyricism , followed by Too Smove which is the closest thing on the project to a stunt track and, it works. Where a couple tracks may lack in lyrical content, they absolutely make up for in pure and simple feel good.

“Art depends on community to evolve.”

The community feel of the project comes to light three tracks in with “Sleep Paralysis”, a smooth, soulful track Junia-T produced featuring artists Little Simz and Emerson Brooks. Junia-T also seems to be able to pinpoint which of his production creations should be reserved for other artists. This is no small task and when asked about it, he all but refuses to take credit, saying “I think my peers help keep me balanced and equally inspired to do both…. They keep me inspired to keep building the craft for the love.” And build the craft he does, the project features multiple artists from all over including LordQuest, Kemikal, Franc Grams, YGTut and more, yet is fully cohesive and no track feels disconnected from another. Even with these features, Junia-T is never outmatched when it comes to his artistic abilities and knowledge of good quality music.

With a combination of classic hip-hop, soul and funk Junia-T’s musical influences including but definitely not limited to J-Dilla, Bob Marley, Stevie Wonder and Blackstar can be heard in every corner of Eye See You. There is a unique quality to the project that Junia-T attributes to simply staying true to to what he likes.

When asked what one thing listeners should take from Eye See You, Junia-T hopes it is that he is a “musician first”, saying that he “just make(s) music”, however he is inspired to make it. Between the perfectly timed samples to the organic hip hop and soul sounds of his production to the classically appealing and hard hitting ideals in his lyricism; all prevalent throughout Eye See You, it is easy to assume that listeners are taking just that.

Junia-T is currently working with a few artists in the UK as well as preparing to release a solo instrumental album next month and a full solo rap album later this year. This is definitely an artist that you want to keep your antennas up for. You can purchase Eye See You here and stream below.

Listen: Junia-T – Eye See You