After a long battle between studios for the rights to the film it appears that Fox is victorious and is ordering a remake to the cult classic Escape From New York. 

John Carpenter, who originally wrote and directed the film will join the cast as a executive producer with sweet creative control. No word has been given as to whom Fox will be considering to play Snake Plissken in the film or if Plissken will even be in the film. I know, big shocker! Now we have all witness throughout the years our favorite classic movies being re-packaged and total pissing on its predecessor. But lets break down briefly what this means from this film.

Fox has ordered a remake. Even though they have just earned the rights to the film it is safe to question the direction that they will take for the remake. We as viewers have come suspect certain key elements to be placed in remakes and are completely disappointed when the studios do not. But, is that necessarily a bad thing?

Take for instance the reboot to 21 Jump Street. Although it was a successful television show that centered around a group of young looking detectives posing as high school student, the reboot took a different direction and only focused on a duo rather than a group. The reboot turned out to be quite a success as it was ordered for a sequel and potentially a cross-over with Men In Black. 

Escape From New York was released in 1981 and was created with a budget of $6 million and grossing over $25 million at the box office. The film centers around New York in 1997 which is a giant maximum security prison. When the US President crash lands in middle of Manhattan, a convicted bank robber is sent in to rescue the President.  If a remake is made, it does not necessarily need to follow this down to the letter. The concept alone of seeing New York turned into a Maximum Security Prison with the CGI of today is intriguing enough.

My point being, is that hopefully Fox will consider the true creative concept of this film and grow from that, rather than completely changing it. And with Fox planing to make this into a franchise and excelling past the original, they are gonna need to do all that they can. Plus, even though it doesn’t really need to be said, a Kurt Russell cameo is mandatory.