deadpool finalcover

Final Cover for Marvel’s Deadpool comic series


We all didn’t want to believe the news… but its has been confirmed that Marvel’s Deadpool comic will end in April 2015 by his death. But do not worry Deadpool fan for our chatty assassin will be going down in a blaze of glory. The last issue for Deadpool will be issue #250 (45th for the current Deadpool series). It really hits all Deadpool fans because the character has grown very popular over the years by making us laugh uncontrollably and brightening our day. The last issue of Deadpool will be a 96 page issue which will Deadpool will be pushed to the limit by going against the whole team of ULTIMATUM, having Deadpool take control of the infinity gauntlet, and some stories of Deadpool’s closest friends. It is sad having to see Deadpool go but there are some rumors floating around that there might be a reboot in the future. Hopefully the new Deadpool movie can push a reboot. Recently there has been much talk about whether or not Deadpool would see the big screen after the X-Men origins mishap. After a release of a Deadpool test footage hit the internet and blasted over 3 million views in a week Marvel reconsidered and Deadpool is now back on track to amazes us in his own movie. So if for some reason we do not see a reboot, Deadpool will forever be in our hearts. Check out the sneak peak of issue #250 cover and if you have not seen the test footage for the new Deadpool movie check it out! The Deadpool film is scheduled to talk its way into theaters February 12, 2016