Last night, MTV’s new drama series, Eye Candy, premiered, with a huge following on Twitter with their hashtag, #MTVEyeCandy, trending worldwide.

Based loosely on a series of books by Goosebumps author, R.L. Stine, Eye Candy follows a young hacker by the name of Lindy, played by Victoria Justice. After losing her little sister over three years ago from a kidnapper, she decides to help others with missing person cases to find their loved ones, with the help of her fellow hacker, George (Harvey Guillen). Along the way, we soon discover she’s had a little trouble with the NYPD, where we meet her on/off again boyfriend, Ben, and his partner, Tommy(Casey Jon Deidrick).

With all of the relationship drama with Ben, Lindy’s best friend, Sophia (Kiersey Clemons) and pal, Connor (John Garet Stoker), convince her to join a dating app similar to Tinder. At first Connor and Lindy don’t really get along, but with Sophia being both their best friend, they eventually warm up to each other.

A dating app is harmless right?


At first, Lindy is meeting some pretty attractive and good guys. But when she comes back home, she finds that someone from the app is basically stalking her. Yikes. With pictures popping up on her computer screen, to her phone, she decides to hack into the app and figure out who is doing this. Her friends think she should work with the police about this, but she decides to do it on her own by going out with the guys she had already met, and with this, hacks their phones.

But when she accidentally has one of her date’s phones and goes to find him, she soon discovers that the guy stalking her is more than that, he’s a psychopath killer.

We’re left wondering, why is this guy after her specifically?? Well, earlier on the premiere, we meet a young woman who’s all dressed up for a date, as she’s greeting her mysterious date, we hear his thoughts going through his head. How he’s describing the girl, how she seems perfect, and then he discovers one little flaw: her crooked tooth. That’s when we see that he is obsessed with finding the perfect, flawless girl for him. And with finding a person’s flaw? He gets rid of it, and kills them.

As the show goes on, we see that the chemistry between Ben & Lindy is still there, and then what happens? Of course, a hot sex scene between the two. (Who saw that coming?)


When we think things seem to be going great between the two, the killer sets Lindy up with thinking that he was in Sophia’s apartment by sending her surveillance footage, but it was all a trick, leading to Ben’s sad tragic death. He had a short part apparently! Most thought that Ben would have been a main character in the series, but it looks like he’s part of Lindy’s character development with becoming her goal of the series. To find out who this stalker is and who killed Ben.

This show leaves you wanting more, with the romance, suspense, and creepy factor, this show is different compared to MTV’s other hit shows. Unlike Teen Wolf, this show doesn’t have the scifi factor to make it eerie, but in fact, it’s real life. Which in a way makes it creepier than fiction. Maybe you should be careful who you “match” with next time you’re on Tinder.

The show airs every Monday, at 10/9 central.

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Sneak peak of a future episode of "Eye Candy".

Sneak peak of a future episode of “Eye Candy”.


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Based on the premiere, a solid A- just because I know the show has a lot of potential.91%
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