Nike Air MAGs “Back To The Future II” [ #KOTD #80s @SNEAKERSNEWS]

Back in February Tinker Hatfield confirmed that power lacing would be available in 2015 but it was still a bit unclear if he was talking directly about the Nike Air Mag. Well the rumor mill is churning again and this time it’s turning over an exact date for the Nike Air Mag’s release. September 8 2015 is the date and while it’s still unconfirmed we can’t help but to get excited at the thought of it. The future is really here and you won’t even need to touch your laces to prepare for it. Stay tunes for further developments on this release date.

The Air Mags debuted in 2011 and were only available on eBay for a charity event to raise money for parkinson’s disease. The 2011 McFlies were a beautiful master piece we all have been waiting for but, the didn’t lace them selfs. Its 2015 and we finally get the full recreation of the ”Back to The Future II” Nike Air Mags! The only thing we need left is a pink hoover board and a self  fitting jacket.

The video below is a review on the Nike Air Mags (2011) brought to you by Supplied PDX