The first go-round with Lil Wayne’s Sorry 4 The Wait didn’t go so well. Right in the middle of that court-ordered soberiety that sucked away much of Wayne’s creativity that made him such a lethal force for the better part of four years, Sorry 4 The Wait slid around aimlessly poaching freestyles and concepts from popular songs without doing anything to refute Lil Wayne’s claim that prison hadn’t changed him.

“Sh!t” is the first go from his upcoming sequel to said mixtape, Sorry 4 The Wait 2 and with that comes a mix of autotune, fired up punchlines and one rather interesting parakeet punchline that we’ll go ahead and jokingly say is a Birdman subliminal. Or not. Compelled by the Packers victory over the Cowboys yesterday, Mack Maine & Wayne said new material was coming mañana. Well, today’s the day. Anyway, stream “Sh!t” from Sorry 4 The Wait 2 below.