Trouble seems to find Chris Brown, even when he doesn’t even ask for it.

The singer was performing at a club in San Jose, California early Sunday morning when shots rang out inside. Five people were injured, though none of their injuries are life threatening.

Shortly after 1:20 AM PST, Brown was on stage performing his hit single “Loyal” at the Fiesta nightclub for a “Capricorn Bash” after-party hosted by KMEL 106’s DJ Big Von & Black Marc according to the San Jose Mercury News. While on stage, Brown noticed a skirmish inside the club, joking, “Oh them n*ggas getting it in over there!” before the scene turned violent. Gunfire soon erupted inside the club leaving people scrambling and ducking for cover according to footage taken from a witness’ cell phone.

Four people were taken to a nearby hospital with a fifth being able to walk to the hospital on his own power. Brown gave an update to his condition on Twitter saying he was uninjured. This isn’t the first club related shooting involving the “Loyal” singer. In August 2014, he was at a club in Los Angeles when a shootout took plae, leaving Suge Knight of all people wounded. We’ll update this story more as it develops.