Maroon 5’s Next Single “Sugar” – Music Video Coming Soon[@adamlevine @maroon5]

Attention Maroon 5 fans: there’s a new music video coming your way–sooner than later. If you have yet to hear the band’s newest single entitled “Sugar”, you’re missing out on one damn catchy tune. Probably one of the better songs off of their newest album, it’s something that everyone can enjoy and sing along to. And for the fans that can’t get the tune out of their head, just wait since the band just announced news of a music video for it coming out soon. With no specifics on a certain release date, both Maroon 5 and lead singer Adam Levine posted a snapshot from the music video earlier today, and it looks pretty promising:

Sneak peek of the "Sugar" music video

Sneak peek of the “Sugar” music video

As you can see above, it seems to be that the members of Maroon 5 are dressed up to the nines, driving a classic style car. It’s unsure of how the music video shall turn out, but hopefully it follows the lyrics of a man wanting everything his woman can give, and begging for it. Be sure to expect something classy but sexy at the same time. Stay tuned for the release by following the band on their facebook!