Looks like alternative indie pop band, Future Sunsets, doesn’t just have one singer in the duo! Jose Mostajo released a six song EP on his BandCamp page today. Not to fear though, this doesn’t mean the band is over, he just wanted to put out his own sound. As Jose says on his music page,

“If you’re listening or buying this EP, thank you! I love music and can’t sit still without writing or playing some. Some time to myself this December led to me just tracking some ideas, new and old, without much thought to anything other than wanting to remember them. Which then led to releasing them.. Cheers. (I know I’m not British, but the sentiment still stands).”

Showing off his talents with his vocals, guitar playing, and songwriting, “Mirage” has a nice chill sound to it. With more upbeat songs such as “Love Like You Mean It” & “Letting Go”, it can get you groovin’ a little bit. But he really shows his sensitive side with “Darling”, the second track on the EP.

If you’re a fan of artists such as John Mayer, Justin Nozuka, Brighten, or more of the indie acoustic feel, check out Jose’s “Mirage” EP. In it’s entirety, Mostajo wrote, recorded, and mixed the EP, with his bandmate David Michael Frank mastering the tracks.

You can listen to it for FREE here, as well as purchase it if you’re diggin’ it: http://josemostajo.bandcamp.com/album/mirage

Jose Mostajo's "Mirage" EP artwork.

Jose Mostajo’s “Mirage” EP artwork.