Either Kevin Gates has already mastered how to troll the Internet with his Instagram account or he really is the most interesting man in rap.

Two days ago, Gates went on Instagram to let the world know about something. He’s been sleeping with his cousin. Proudly. And who brought this to his attention? His own grandmother, who let it be known that Gates was chopping down the back of his own flesh and blood. Gates’ response? “Why f*ck up a good thing?!”

Gates is an interesting fellow for one. He’s the main name behind the “Eat Da Booty” movement and regardless of his raps comes off in interviews and public appearances as a wise man who has experienced plenty in his life. Including knocking down people whom he shares some chromosomes with. Now, he’s been linked to Jhonni Blaze recently so … wait, you don’t think … no, that’s another story for another day. Let Gates explain the tomfoolery below.

Real Talk #bwa #idgt

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Ion understand you niggas #bwa #idgt

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