The Biebs has grown up. The first celebrity thirst trap of 2015 has hit the net courtesy of Justin Bieber. Justin strips down to his unmentionables in the latest ad for Calvin Klein’s Spring 2015 campaign. The pop superstar flexes his abs alongside Dutch model Lara Stone whose beauty is overshadowed thanks to Justin’s not so boyish features, bulging biceps, and full tattoo sleeve. It’s obvious that Justin has been dedicating his leisure time to the gym to prepare for the shoot.

The iconic brand released a 30 second commercial featuring Justin playing a drum solo when he witnesses his beautiful co-star and pulls her in for a steamy embrace as the two grope each other’s incredibly toned frames.The chemistry between the two seems effortless as they get close on camera. Seen sporting the infamous pair of white Calvin Klein briefs in most of the photos Justin however also opts for a classic pair of mid-rise jeans.

The 20-year old will have teenage fans hormones racing as ads will continue to appear throughout the year. Despite controversy surrounding Justin’s personal life last year he seems to be taking it all in stride as he starts the new year off becoming the face of the legendary brand. Here’s to growing up.